Museum of Perception and Cognition Website:

Using JavaScript to Increase Interactivity in Web-based Presentations.

Marielle Lange

Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

Behavior Research, Methods, Instruments & Computers, In press (February 1999). Special issue on Teaching Demonstrations and Tutorials


The present paper introduces a Museum of Perception and Cognition website. This site offers an interactive introduction to cognitive psychology via a JavaScript based illustration of optical illusions and a Java-based presentation of experimental paradigms. Its content and utilization as lecture support for first year students at Free University of Brussels is described. This paper also endeavors to share experience we gained in web-based lecture materials development. It introduces the candidate web-lecturer with JavaScript features and utilization and provides him/her with a description of re-usable JavaScript routines downloadable from our site that relate to more engaging, interactive, and effective web-based presentation of course materials.

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