Lexicall.org: A web-site for complete and convenient access to lexical resources

Marielle Lange

University of Edinburgh

Manuscript in preparation


This paper introduces Lexicall.org, a website which aims to become a trusted repository of shared lexical resources, committed to the long-term accessibility of the archived resources and their appropriate indexing for research and educational use in the psycholinguistics community. This repository provides access to four types of materials: (a) data files providing lexical statistics, (b) scripts and tools for the manipulation of lexical data, (c) documentation about these resources and their use, and (d) links to materials relevant to research and teaching activities in psycholinguistics. A large range of linguistic materials is covered, including parts of words, words and non-words, textual and visual material, and experimental datasets from psycholinguistic studies. An originality of our approach is that on top of the usual mechanisms for the listing and download of lexical resources, we also provide mechanisms for the direct querying (for data files) or running (for Unix-compatible scripts) of files held in the archived resource on the lexicall.org website. To ensure complete interoperability and re-use in different contexts and to anticipate the possibility of having this archive become a distributed repository within a peer-to-peer sharing system, metadata are used to hold information about the lexical resources and parameters for the mechanisms in place.

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